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Saturday 3rd March 2018 6.17pm

The Samsung 830 SSD in my always-on server finally experienced its first failure to erase a block at almost exactly 25 Tb written over 2.56 years of operation (27 Gb/day)! That's a bit poor in fact, only 728 of the erase cycles have been used so far, and the 830 is one of those old MLC drives with 3,000 erase cycles, so that's a bit early to see a failure. No data is corrupted, the drive keeps some spare blocks which it needs to consume before that would become a worry, and it's used two of five hundred of those so far.

Saturday 17th February 2018 2.39am

My Nexus 6P decided today when I was just leaving Maynooth to not connect to the internet despite multiple reboots! I was getting really annoyed, because usually traffic is awful out of Dublin on Friday evenings, and Google needs to direct me down the fastest route. Anyway I finally got a route out of it, but that phone is really sliding down the hill fast now … the cellular chip appears to be shafted (another common problem with 6P, it has a lot a manufacturing defects as we now know, just a matter of when not if, and I've actually been lucky to reach two years - though, under EU law, if it fails within two years I get a new one!

Thursday 15th February 2018 7.45pm

My Nexus 6P died on the train today with 35% battery remaining :(. It was dying at 25% only a month ago. It's definitely on the way out as a daily driver. Luckily I finally figured out - after many nights of trying - the magic combination of configurations to get the fingerprint sensor working with LineageOS 14 on my new HTC 10. Just waiting for a big sdcard and case for it to arrive in the post, then I'll move over.

Sunday 11th February 2018 4.10am

Link shared: My Nexus 6P - bought October or November 2015 - was a great phone, despite me cracking its screen in its first two weeks (my fault). Long battery life, excellent stereo speakers, superb AMOLED display, and kept exploit and virus free by timely Android updates from Google. Camera could be excellent, really its only major downside was that it's too big, five inches is as big as any phone ought to be given the size of my hands.

Monday 5th February 2018 9.52am

Link shared: #boostoutcome #boost-outcome #boostcpp Outcome is accepted into Boost, and links to the review manager's report (be warned, it is lengthy). Here is what I wrote in acknowledgement: I'd like to thank Charley for writing such a lengthy and detailed review report, in addition to performing duties in one of the hardest review managements I think I've seen this decade. I'd like to thank the reviewers for their feedback, and all those who have written me emails and sent me their notes and pull requests.

Thursday 18th January 2018 9.41pm

Link shared: My third Boost peer review begins tomorrow, and lasts ten days. Let's hope that this time I succeed, only been at this since 2012, and the proposed C++ library only since 2014!

Thursday 18th January 2018 9.40pm

Link shared: My third Boost peer review begins tomorrow, and lasts ten days. Let's hope that this time I succeed, only been at this since 2012, and the proposed C++ library only since 2014!

Saturday 11th November 2017 10.44am

#meetingcpp All packed up and ready to check out, though I'll probably take lunch with the conference before heading to the airport. It's been a good conference, a little too short, but so slickly run you wouldn't think its youth. I'd even rank it second best after the ACCU conference, and ahead of CppCon despite the latter's prestige. The availability of 90 minute slots is a huge winner, plus all meals provided and a free bar each night is unique.

Tuesday 7th November 2017 9.18pm

#meetingcpp This picture below doesn't do it at all justice, but the bar for this C++ conference is by far the best of the global C++ conferences. We are about as high as any building in Berlin, and it's a great view to have drinks to. Bar also has by far the best selection of booze of any of the conferences too, they have a many page menu and though the most expensive apart from Aspen, I can see some good discussions happening here next few nights.