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Saturday 19th January 2019 6.54pm

Link shared: As preparation for Google Plus coming to an end soon, I improved the Python scripting which mirrors this stream of posts onto to also extract post locations and images and videos. Indeed, is now 100% served from my own servers, and no longer uses Google for anything at all. So Google Plus can now vanish tomorrow, and all my post data - seven years of it now - is safe.

Tuesday 18th December 2018 12.13am

Despite being nearly Christmas and the night before flying Dublin to San Francisco for two weeks of family vacation, the last few hours have been unusually busy with finding new work. I had an interview at 9pm which I had to do entirely by phone due to vacation ban on bringing computers, then stackoverflow jobs randomly showed two 100% remote roles in my skill area, so I had to awkwardly submit my interest using my phone which is much inferior to a proper keyboard.

Wednesday 21st November 2018 9.11pm

Link shared: Second last day of this 12 month contract, so Friday I am going home!. No more nasty low paid high cost onsite work for me, hopefully. I've started to think about the stuff I need to go do now I'll have free time, first thing obviously to get Outcome into Boost, which means lots of writing docs yay so looking forward to that not. I also need to come up with a replacement for Google Plus, as it is going away, so I need some new mechanism where I can post shit from my phone or web browser at likely nobody nowadays.

Thursday 13th September 2018 6.17pm

Link shared: I'll be speaking at the C++ users group Dublin this coming Monday 17th September. Entire evening will be just me, 90 minutes, no other speakers. I just finished the slides for the talk just there, it shouldn't be too boring for folk hopefully. And it's the only talk I'll give in all of 2018, usually I speak twice a year at conferences, but this year has been unusually quiet for me.

Sunday 9th September 2018 4.04pm

For the last four weekends, been ever so slowly building a new house server inside a VM running on the old house server. Got so close this weekend to switching it over, but just fell short. I've set up a rsync cronjob to keep old server mirrored to new server, so as soon as I get home next weekend, hopefully I can finally migrate as the old server is increasingly crashing out while I am away which means everything stops until I get home to raise it from the dead again.

Wednesday 5th September 2018 8.50am

Link shared: The linked paper which has been submitted to the C and C++ standards committees, which I spent four months doing stakeholder dialogue to arrive at in its proposed form, if accepted, could utterly transform how failure handling is implemented for all computing systems in the world. Yes, I either go big or go home. If it actually happens though … wow, I actually would have changed the world in perpetuity!

Sunday 26th August 2018 12.44pm

I've been very slowly, bit by bit, doing a little bit of work when home each weekend to replace the main house server, whose install of Debian EOLed last June. Right now my ZFS pool is kept within a VM running FreeNAS, as back when I set this up I didn't trust ZFS on Linux (for good reason). Now I do, so I've set up a mirrored ZFS pair of those cheap shingled SMR 8Tb Seagate drives, and I set the old pool rsyncing to the new pool last night.

Saturday 14th July 2018 11.42pm

Link shared: Decided to fire the starting pistol on the next round of hard drive upgrades for my ZFS array, I've got 800Gb still free which won't be filled for over a year yet, but it takes me at least three months to buy drives as I need to stagger their purchase over a long time to ensure I never buy two drives from the same production batch, plus there is a non-trivial soak testing period after arrival to ensure the postman didn't drop them too hard.

Saturday 9th June 2018 8.05am

Due to the iron man taking out all the hotel rooms Friday night, had to relocate to the next town along which is a walk over a long bridge spanning half of Lake Zurich. The weather was not good last night, as can be seen in the first photo. But this morning it was spectacular walking back again, see second photo. Today is the last day of the C++ standards committee meeting, it's currently in plenary where everybody revisits the debates of the week's discussions.

Tuesday 5th June 2018 7.00am

Lake Zurich at the C++ standards meeting. As lovely as it might look, we finished last night after 11pm and started this morning at 8.30am. At best, seven hours of sleep.