ned Productions Consulting

Technology musings by Niall Douglas
ned Productions Consulting
(an expert advice and services company based in Ireland)

About ned Productions Ltd

We are a technology and consulting firm based in Cork, Ireland. We specialise in the general optimisation of technology and human systems supplying advice on and solutions involving the use of technology to improve business efficiency. We supply everyone from businesses local to Cork as well as large multinational corporations which span the globe.

Our experience is very broad: from participating in large scale multinational defense projects, through substantial long-term contributions to open source software projects, right down to bespoke turnkey solutions for small businesses. We operate our own server infrastructure distributed across Europe and the US for optimum reliability and responsiveness, indeed this site you are reading now is served from that infrastructure.

We have extensive experience in general computer programming, administration and configuration - see the CV linked to in the sidebar. If your business has a problem, maybe we can help.