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Sunday 15th July 2012 12.51pm

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My source control embedded bug tracker UI BEurtle ( is beginning to shape up into a v1.5 alpha. Its code (it's written in C# .NET) is a mess and definitely not a proud creation of mine, but it does work … mostly. Anyway, today's and this coming week's fun fun fun will be with my old least favourite task of smacking my head against the mess that is Windows Installer (see Supposedly, WiX v3.6 can now bootstrap, so I'm supposed to be able to spit out 32 and 64 bit versions of the BEurtle installer (ignoring the fact that BEurtle is compiled to .NET CLR, and therefore is bit neutral, but Windows Installer can't cope with that) and then wrap those MSI installers with another installer which can install .NET 2.0 from the web if it's missing (which only can happen on Windows XP) before only installing the 64 bit installer on 64 bit machines. I also need to put together a scripted VirtualBox unit test which tests that this installer works as expected on a virgin Windows XP, and indeed that the installer deinstalls properly as my former installer attempt with BEurtle v1.0 just didn't bother deleting most of itself :). Sigh! This is going to be a tedious week …