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Friday 19th April 2013 3.31pm

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Looks like std::filesystem ain't going to make it into C++14 after all. It's a shame, as I've been using it extensively recently and it's actually pretty good (i.e. v3 is non-obtrusive, unlike v2, and I especially like its auto-conversion to 16-bit unicode for Windows APIs). I am pleased about polymorphic lambdas though, I run into the lack of those regularly. I think it's right to leave off Concepts-lite, as much as it's a pain without them it would be more of a pain with them if they are flawed.

"C++14 Facts

A short paragraph about stuff you can expect from C++14. Positive things first :) You'll get polymorphic lambdas. Then, constexpr will be relaxed, or improved you could say. That's what you can say about constexpr, I have no details here, what exactly the results for constexpr will be like. Also its likely that binary literals and runtime sized arrays will be part of C++14. In general, it looks like that the focus is really on getting C++14 ready to ship, not in getting more features in. So, C++14 will, as planned, improve C++11, evolve C++ in a few minor cases and bring a few new things. So, the current development is, that a lot of stuff is not going into C++14, but will be released as a Technical Specification. For example there will be a TS for filesystem (yes, looks like filesystem is not part of C++14), a TS for concepts lite, and probably a lot of other TS for other proposals. At least this is my impression of the current trend in C++ standardization. But full impact of this will be able to be seen by next week, when the results of Bristol take fully shape."