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Thursday 6th June 2013 4.10am

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It's taken quite a few nights of fiddling while the TV was on - and much to Megan's annoyance, as she felt ignored - but I finally hooked the Travis CI buildbot I mentioned before into, an automated code coverage reporting tool which tracks how much of your code is being exercised by your unit and functional tests. For the forthcoming Boost.AFIO async file i/o library, I can therefore tell you that the current unit tests exercise exactly 70% of the just 581 lines of active source code which make up the library, and moreover this will be calculated in realtime from now on.

I agree such a low value as 70% coverage isn't great, however the upcoming torture test (which currently fails for some unknown reason) exercises pretty much everything except the error handling, and the error handling testing is waiting on barrier() to be implemented, which is the very last and final feature planned. Paul finishes his exams this Friday, so this weekend to party I guess we'll get started on Monday with the GSoC!