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Thursday 10th October 2013 12.51am

Boost.AFIO has just been submitted for Boost peer review. After so many months of effort, I'd like to thank Megan for putting up with all the hours I spent after work pattering away on it; I'd like to thank Paul for doing such a great job in porting the code to Boost for Google Summer of Code; I'd like to thank Google for sponsoring Paul, and the Boost C++ Libraries for voting for AFIO as a GSoC sponsorship candidate; and finally, I'd like to thank my former colleagues at BlackBerry who pulled a lot of favours internally to get BlackBerry Legal to eventually sign off on me working on this in my free time (first ever in BlackBerry history I believe that permission was granted for an employee to contribute to a non-work related open source library).

Anyway, the final unit test matrix is below. Ignore the unit test failures on Windows XP, they're actually due to the test timing out because my Windows XP VMs have become inexplicably slow recently (something has obviously gone wrong). The failures of Linux clang on libc++ are due to libc++ not fully working on Linux yet. Otherwise, AFIO works well, and with very acceptable performance too (see

Ok, next task is to get a job and relocate to wherever next in the world :) Thanks also to everyone who I've bored to death reading these status updates, I'd assume I'll now go quiet(er) :)