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Saturday 3rd May 2014 3.37pm

One week to go to the C++ Now conference in Aspen, Colorado where I'll be presenting. I have not, as yet:

* Completed the academic paper for the proceedings. It has become like a hydra, ever-bloating with yet more information and supporting evidence, having been intended to be ten pages, and now up to nineteen with twenty pages expected. Bleh.

* Submitted the new Boost permit object for review. Stupid thing has started losing wakeups in unlocked grants, it wasn't doing that a few days ago. I obviously broke something.

* I finished peer review managing TypeIndex for a second time this week, and a review manager's report needs writing from all the peer reviews.

* Oh, and I haven't even begun the slides for the presentation I'll be giving at C++ Now, nor do I know what I'll be talking about. It'll be some subset of the paper, but god knows what.

So, the pressure is on! The only good news is that I've cleared a very substantial amount of admin which had been overhanging me, such as Canadian taxes, restoring the central server, relocating the Canadian Jenkins CI to my home, cleared all OU coursework and a good deal more than that. As much as I am absolutely exhausted, and my right hand is all seized up with RSI from tendon damage from the workload (and the fact I'm sitting on a kitchen chair, my work chair got damaged during the Canadian relocation, so I am experiencing terrible ergonomics), no one could claim a lack of productivity these last two months.

Oh, and I finally got paid today, first income since I left BlackBerry over eight months ago. It all went into debt repayment, but longer term that should mean that we finally stop hemorrhaging money, more than $35,000 has gone out than has come in since BlackBerry, it's been quite unpleasant. We won't be rich, but we should be comfortable, and we're back onto being sustainable, for now at least.