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Sunday 3rd August 2014 1.54am

It's taken four weekends of effort to get that (almost) sea of green for the newly rebuilt CI for the newly modularised proposed Boost.AFIO as the modularisation broke the old CI config so badly I decided I might as well begin afresh with a much more orchestrated and scripted automation. I've learned an enormous amount about modularised Boost, Jenkins and how clang 3.4 simply does not produce actually working C++ executables on ARMv7 - yes, 3.3 and earlier work, and 3.5 and later works, but 3.4 does not work. Wish they had kinda mentioned that in the docs or something (they have for the 3.5 release notes!)

So what's next for my Saturdays? Well I can finally up my game with new stuff for Boost rather than consigning it to the odd hour grabbed here and there after a day's work. The new CI gives me a very rigorous testing platform, and with a full day of work being invested into the blue sky stuff once a week I hopefully should start making some actual progress. Or, I might just play a computer game, haven't done that since Canada!