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Saturday 4th April 2015 8.36pm

Just emailed off the very early outline of a white paper proposing APIs for asynchronous file byte range locking on Linux and POSIX … and with that, I am now on "true vacation" rather than the past two weeks of "not earning money but still working as if I was vacation" preparing for my C++ Now conference presentation. Man, those two weeks just evaporated as if they were nothing … in truth, I spent the majority of the time either catching up on sleep or looking after Clara rather than doing conference prep like I should have done.

Still, I did clear many backlogs as well. I think there was something like 1,500 emails awaiting my attention, and no less than three of my open source libraries (non-AFIO) had fix patchsets contributed, some of which had been unprocessed since Christmas which was bad - I hadn't thought that AFIO v1.3 would have taken three months of course. And I fixed the power light on the dev workstation, finally bought some new shoes as I'd been walking around in ones with broken soles for months prior (fine when it's dry, unpleasant when it's raining).

Oh, and I got round to replacing my Exante diet which I've been on as a replacement for breakfast and lunch for a year now, they recently made the meal replacements a lot "sweeter" (artificially, of course) which rather ruined them for me, so I researched an alternative which has more calories (no longer need to lose as much weight), is much cheaper and doesn't try to pretend (poorly) to be real food. That replacement is "Joylent", the most popular European alternative to "Soylent", and I'll almost certainly write about it here when I get back from our vacation away.

Speaking of which, we're off to the Mallow races tomorrow and then to Donegal, Mayo and Galway for the remainder of the week. Actual real vacation. Let's hope the weather holds up!