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Friday 21st August 2015 5.41pm

Just sent proposed Boost.AFIO off for its final CI pass before it is submitted for Boost peer review starting later today and lasting until 31st August. The last few days have been stressful - the new workshop tutorial for AFIO is a step-by-step workshop on implementing an asynchronous key-value store, and that meant running many benchmarks which heavily stressed my mechanical hard drive, which began to hang itself until power cycle. That meant I couldn't get the workshop tutorial completely finished, the last code implementation is written and compiling but currently not debuggable as I am cloning the failing drive to a new drive, so I have left it out of the docs to be peer reviewed which is sad.

Other than that I think proposed Boost.AFIO is looking pretty swish. I'm going to do a final pass over the docs running start to finish, but basically I think it's ready. Let's hope the Boost community like it!