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Tuesday 8th March 2016 11.33pm

Cloud server migration is nearing its end after is it three weeks now? Anyway Friday I'm hoping it'll be done, just the triple off site redundant super important encrypted files store which houses all the critical stuff, local restful services like monitoring our electricity usage and network, idle power consumption tuning, and finally a great deal of cleanup seeing as I have temporary hard drives hanging off the box by esata, all tempting targets for Clara.

This Saturday I hope to start preparing the materials for the ACCU conference which will consume me until mid April. And then, well then I'm going to take a long overdue rest, and just work the day job for a while, had enough of this 6am malarkey. I know I say this every year and this year is a month less arduous than usual, but it's still a long old slog from Christmas to now, a lot of hours and not much sleep. Speaking of which …