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Saturday 9th April 2016 7.33am

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The ACCU conference is only ten days away! Proposed Boost.AFIO v2, which I'll be presenting for the first time at ACCU, has the functionality I'm presenting written as of yesterday but it most definitely is not working - as the final part I added all required itself to work, I spent two weeks writing code, only checking to see if it compiles, not if it works until now so I have a raft of debugging to do this weekend.

Funnily enough the first bug the first time I ran the debugger is actually a long standing bug in Microsoft's CreateFile() implementation. It returns ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED when it really means ERROR_DELETE_PENDING, and there is no race free way of working around this bug. The only solution is to rewrite CreateFileW() to not have this bug, which I'm doing right now. As much as it's gratifying that I haven't found any bugs written by me yet, I am extremely sure this was sheer coincidence!