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Monday 8th July 2013 5.22am

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Another long weekend. I got a Windows XP unit test slave mostly working on my new cloud node: I configured a copy of Jenkins CI inside an OpenVZ container with the reverse caching proxy varnish ( fronted by the web server nginx which you can see at As one of its backends, I have a snapshotted VM running Windows XP with Visual Studio 2010 Express which is rolled back to the snapshot after every test using some cunning AJAX I wrote which uses the Proxmox REST API. It doesn't quite work yet, and there's another weekend of work needed to get the kinks out. But definitely so far so good. I have to admit I'm looking forward to getting away with Megan after the first GSoC deadline at the end of this month - we're taking a long weekend in Niagra, hopefully I'll be able to change gears for a while as I have to admit that this GSoC is a lot of work on top of a 40 hour work week!