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Sunday 14th July 2013 9.05pm

A long but productive week. The documentation for proposed Boost.AFIO is beginning to resemble something approaching final, despite having been a real pain to get working right. Paul continues to do great work in ripping bits out. As Google Summer of Code Milestone 1 is just three weeks away now, the race is on to deliver a peer review ready new Boost library by then. That new unit test slave server had one of its hard drives fail this weekend, so I'm currently waiting for it to get replaced - annoying, but hopefully won't too adversely affect our schedule.

At work too Friday evening saw the achievement of a great milestone for the BB10 platform in that my current work item started working for the first time, and that work item once finished opens a huge number of new doors for BlackBerry which our competitors take for granted. I unfortunately can say no more for now, but as it involves a well known large open source project, I assume I'll be allowed to contribute my port back to source one day and at that time I can talk about it.